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Our activities

Aerospace and Industry

Fives designs and supplies metal cutting and machining solutions for large complex part, and composite processing machine-tools for the aerospace and heavy manufacturing markets. The Group also provides corrective, preventive and upgrade maintenance solutions for production means.



A new composite part inspection technology developed in exclusive partnership with the NRC

Manufacturers in the aerospace sector are looking for solutions to manufacture reliable, safe and cost-effective composite structures. With this in mind, Fives joined forces with the National Research Council of Canada to develop an advanced profilometer which can inspect composite aircraft components during production.

Inspired by an innovative optical technology, this system is used when composites

are being put in place and provides superior measuring information to existing laser triangulation technologies, whilst limiting production downtime. These faster, better measurements reduce the risk of errors and help manufacturers to meet the strictest standards whilst improving their productivity, with gains reaching 30%.

By helping to improve and launch this new technology, Fives is helping to push cutting-edge technologies forward in terms of composite applications in the aerospace sector.

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