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Our activities

Steel & Glass

Fives designs cutting-edge technologies to meet the new needs and applications of the steel market, in particular high value-added steel grade production: mechanical and thermal equipment, including induction heating solutions - services which rely on significant expertise in metallurgical processes. The Group also supplies tube mill lines and finishing equipment.

In the glass sector, Fives supplies flat glass and specialty glass production lines.



A dynamic steel market in the United States

For nearly two years, the US steel industry support policy has stimulated investments to modernize and increase steel production capacity in the United States.

Fives is taking full advantage of this situation. The Group has signed several contracts with the fast-growing Steel Dynamics. Following an order to modernize the second continuous galvanizing line (CGL2)

at the Colombus plant, the Group was chosen to design and supply a new continuous galvanizing line (CGL3) at the same site in Mississippi.
This new line is intended to produce 400,000 tons of steel per year for various markets, including the automotive industry. Fives also signed its first contract for a highly innovative ceramic coating line aimed at the construction and mass consumption markets.

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