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Improving the Group’s safety culture in line with the 2020 safety ambition

In 2018, Fives recorded the lowest number of accidents with lost time and accident frequency rate in its history. However, a Group subcontractor was killed at a cement plant; we must therefore continue to mobilize to reach the objectives defined as part of the 2020 Safety Ambition, which we will continue to deploy. This program is broken down into objectives and operational action plans. It builds on the actions launched in 2016 to increase employee engagement and improve the Safety culture.

Continued individual and collective commitment is required to achieve this shared ambition. Significant actions have been carried out at all Group locations to secure practices and improve the everyday commitment by teams in the field, but also to make managers and the entire supervisory team accountable. They have a key role to play in the implementation of an organization which encourages prevention, recognition of best practices and the sharing of feedback.

We have made significant progress thanks to everyone’s hard work, but we still need to go further, making sure that everyone plays a lead role not just in their own safety, but others’ safety too.

Denis Mercier
Deputy General Manager

2020 Safety Ambition:

objectives fixed for Group employees and temporary staff (reference scope: 2016)

  • Reduce the Lost Time Injury Frequency rate to 2.5
  • halve the number of Lost Time Injuries in workshops
  • reach 0 severe accidents
  • no fatality (including subcontractors)
  • increase the Group’s level of safety maturity


Lost Time Injury Frequency rate (LTIF)
3 . 41
(number of lost-time injuries
x 1,000,000 / number of hours worked)
scope: Fives staff and temporary workers

Lost Time

Severity rate:
0. 12
(number of lost days
due to LTI

x 1,000 / number of hours





Providing health and safety assistance to employees during their overseas business travel

Companies are exposed to a growing number of health, geopolitical and terrorist risks. Since the end of 2016, Fives has reinforced its medical and safety assistance system for all overseas business travel by its employees and service providers.

Fives has implemented a global solution with International SOS, which provides a unique point of contact to support employees at all stages of business travel:

  • 24/7 worldwide assistance by doctors, psychologists and security specialists,
  • risk assessment resources and training to prepare for trips,
  • tools to stay informed of health events or risks or security events in real time,
  • intervention in the field in the event of political unrest or natural disasters.