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At the heart
of Fives

“Working at Fives, means taking part in a human adventure”

Céline Morcrette
Group Human Resources Director

“Working at Fives, means taking part in a human adventure”

Céline Morcrette
Group Human Resources Director


to attract and develop talent to create the Fives of the future

In complex economic and socio-cultural environments, characterized by unprecedented changes - both in speed and scale - Fives relies on the men and women who make the difference due to their experience, skills and expertise.
We are committed to hiring and supporting talents and profiles from all backgrounds, who are recognized as experts in their field and in keeping with Fives’ spirit.

Recruiting and welcoming talents from all backgrounds
With nearly 1,200 new hires in 2018, finding talent has been a major challenge in all the geographic regions where Fives operates.
Notably, the Group has covered natural attrition, both in the US and France; the arrival of new employees has also supported the growth of certain activities.

Common values and soft skills:
the key to success to build the Fives of the future
Fives is keen to welcome and hire talent from all backgrounds, regardless of education, profile of nationality. They all share common values and state of mind: passionate candidates, with the ability to manage projects and work in an organization which prioritizes initiative and autonomy, with a pioneering spirit and an international mindset, working to create the industrial solutions and equipment of the future.
The ability of newcomers to embody the values and spirit of Fives every day will always be a key factor for the future success of the Group.

Pioneering spirit
Team spirit


Close to
8 , 700


65 %
of staff
in Europe

1 , 140
recruited in 2018

41 %
of women
are engineers
and managers



Launch of the ‘Plan for Young People’ program in 2019

A program aimed at the next generation will allow employees to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and rural areas to

integrate, and to support them as part of their work placements in Grade 9.

Fives employees can visit schools to talk about the company and encourage an interest in industrial jobs. Deployed in France for the first time, this program will be extended overseas in different forms.

Thanks to the ‘Nos Quartiers ont du Talent’ association, I mentor a young person from an immigrant background living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. I am currently helping him to prepare for different interviews to find a job after his master’s degree. I am delighted to help form this bridge between the world of work and young people.

Director of the International
Development department