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At the heart
of Fives

“For Fives, innovation represents a major driver of value creation”

Yannick Leprêtre
Group Innovation Director

“For Fives, innovation represents a major driver of value creation”

Yannick Leprêtre
Group Innovation Director


a source of new value for Fives

Innovation is a source of long-term growth for the Group. In order to refresh its offer and provide unique solutions, Fives continually invests in Research & Development to improve product performance and launch technologies which respond to the requirements of its clients in terms of quality, availability, service and the environment. This specifically includes the use of digital technologies, which harness the skills developed by Fives engineers in terms of processes and equipment operation.

In 2018, Fives R&D investments continued to reflect this strategy, notably with the opening of a new combustion research and development center and partnerships with research bodies and companies to supplement the expertise of Fives’ teams. The Group has also continued to invest in 3D printing technology through AddUp, its joint venture with Michelin.


34 . 1
million in
r & d

2 , 114
filed patents
in force

45 %
of Group employees
are engineers
or managers

new filed patents
in 2018

R&D and test centers



Supporting industrial excellence using data science throughout the machine life cycle

Manufacturers are looking for solutions to improve the availability, responsiveness and flexibility of their production system, and the quality of the final product; digital technology is a key part of this solution.

Currently data is collected in real-time in plants through sensors positioned within the production system. The data is used more and more accurately to provide useful information to the operator: tracking machine availability, energy consumption, issuing an alert if there is a problem...

With a centralized supervision platform which reports evaluated data, it can decide on the best path to take and improve control over its production. Analyzing records allows major trends or seasonality to be anticipated, improving scheduling and optimizing production flows.

The combination of this data with artificial intelligence tools allows us to go even further: algorithms detect weak signals amongst the different data, which tend to precede a breakdown. Maintenance operations and breakages are anticipated. The production data no longer just helps us to understand the present, but also to anticipate the future.

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