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At the heart
of Fives


Fives made two commitments to the environment: firstly, taking action at its industrial sites to control its own impacts and, secondly, designing technologies which combine energy and operational performance for its industrial clients.

Since 2012, the Group has supported its subsidiaries to achieve ISO 14001 certification, and develops eco-design tools and methods.

In 2019, Fives will continue this action by reinforcing its commitment to combat climate change and developing solutions encouraging the circular economy. The Group will set a global objective to reduce energy consumption.


ISO 14001 standard
33 industrial sites
certified in 2018
vs. 14 in 2012

The transition to the 2015 version of the ISO 14001 standard has allowed all teams in charge of the development of new products to include environmental criteria in their process.

130 . 6 GWh
The Group’s energy

94 %
of consumption
is represented by
industrial sites



Fives Cryo: a clear drop in energy consumption thanks to a structured approach and team work

Fives Cryo, located in Golbey (France), designs and creates cryogenics exchangers, and has a manufacturing process which consumes large amounts of energy:

electricity consumption of brazing furnaces and brazing stations, gas for exchanger drying... In 2018, energy was a significant portion of the company’s budget. Specific actions have helped reduce energy consumption by 15% in five years.

Key stages

  • An overview: an energy audit completed in 2015 helped identify the most significant sources of consumption
  • Internal mobilization around a multi-disciplinary team
  • An action plan to test new techniques and alternative ways of working

The results were obtained by optimizing the operation of the furnaces, heat chambers and extraction towers, controlling workshop temperatures, raising staff awareness and making investments, such as the creation of a hot air curtain in a section with heat recovery from the compressor room.

This success is down to everyone’s hard work. We need to continue our efforts and take a creative approach to identify other areas for improvement. We will define our next road map using the new energy audit that will be completed in 2019.

Mickaël Grivel
President of Fives Cryo